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Signal Performance Management

Data that Goes the Distance

Enablence has world-leading expertise in signal performance management for 1Gbps to 100Gbps signals thanks to its integrated chip technology.

Signal quality over an optical network degrades over distance. Advanced monitoring and signal correction tools are therefore a crucial part of any network architecture to maintain signal quality and manage traffic over multiple channels. Enablence offers a range of products for channel monitoring through its Optical Channel Monitor product line or adjust wavelength performance for a variety of channel counts up to 40-channel through its Variable Optical Attenuators or Tunable Optical Dispersion Compensators to ensure signal quality. Enablence’s photodiodes are also available and often integrated into our products for the monitoring function.

Using Enablence’s patented Planar Lighwave Circuit technologies, system designers and developers can significantly increase integration of various components and modules into subsystems, improving systems speed and functionality in a reduced footprint. This dramatic size reduction can help them migrate from a shelf to a module or from modules to chips. For complex components, such integration also results in reduced costs through improved manufacturability.

Learn more about how our PLC approach can provide you with a superior signal performance management solution.