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10 Gb/s Dual Wavelength InGaAs Photodiode

Model Number: PDCS60T-USB

PDCS60T-USB is a high speed, dual wavelength photodiode chip that combines a large 60 μm aperture with a high speed of response and allows operation at both 850 and 1310 nm wavelengths. The photodiode is manufactured with a dual wavelength AR coating, offering an excellent responsivity at both 850 nm and 1310 nm and is therefore highly suitable for optical USB or Light Peak interfaces.


  • Top illuminated 10 Gb/s InGaAs dual-wavelength photodiode
  • Optimized for optical USB / Light Peak interfaces
  • Optimized for operation at 850 and 1310 nm
  • Large optical aperture of 60 μm
  • Low capacitance: 240 fF