Application Engineer – Fremont, CA

Application Engineer

Position Overview:

We are looking for an individual to act as an interface between external Sales Team and Internal Production Team. You will work closely with the executives, the Sales and Marketing teams, production teams as well as all other company departments. This position is crucial for the company’s overall revenue planning and execution. This position reports to Director of Sales.


  • Keep track of the technical needs and manage technical projects for key accounts
    • Obtain and write customer requirements
    • Work with R&D and support engineer team to manage from initiate of a customer program through completion of the customer program
    • Support customer engineers to finish the program, with focus on program management, technical issue resolution (either completing by himself or herself or with support from engineering team).
    • Assis sales to engage and knock off key accounts from business and technical side.
  • Manage and organize both Data Center and DWDM application’s data sheet
    • Manage the ENA CWDM/LWDM (for Data Center) and DWDM product specs, including the legacy DWDM product spec
    • Working with sales/R&D to support customer with new product specs.
  • NRE Based Customer Program management and support
    • Working with Sales to locate and lock potential key interests for NRE projects.
    • Assist R&D, or sometimes, lead in new NRE project.
    • Work as individual contributor for the NRE project.
  • Legacy and existing product technical support:
    • Understand and support Q&A for wafer/bar/chip based customer needs of our PLC products. Support customer from user point of view of how to use our PLC products, including training, documentation, Q-n-A, setting up group calls with customers/ENA engineers. 
    • Own part of the legacy or key product line knowledge as the company. Can generate the lead from customer/sales based on our existing product line. Eventually can independently resolve user issues of our products without re-assigning the tasks to R&D and Product Team on repeated technical issues. Can work with engineer to provide technical assessment for new product introduction based on market demands.
    • Can work with R&D, product engineer, QA, and release/testing engineer at the company to support their potential engagements with potential customer.


  • Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering (board and chip level) with solid background on semiconductors and board design. Ideally has exposed to optical engineering and related fields.
  • Minimum three years solid R&D and/or product engineering experiences. One year or more quality engineering experiences is a plus.
  • Eager to learn and team with all the engineers both at ENA and customer side.
  • Outstanding commitment to the company as both a solid individual contributor, proactive team member, and potentially a leader with can-do attitude to take on the challenges in absence of support temporarily.
  • A good communicator who is willing to listen and keep track of record to report.
  • Able to travel 25% of their time and be able to setup demo individually with training from the team.

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