Powering Next Generation Networks

Enablence’s technologies and products have been at the forefront of the telecom evolution for over the past decade. Our optical components and subsystems are used in almost every major network in the world, providing critical wavelength management, high-speed capacity enhancement, and long-haul transmission functions.

The heart of our technology is our Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) fabrication system to produce advanced optical circuits and our ability to hybridize active devices to produce Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC).  Our integrated Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) optical chips, components and subsystems help the world’s leading communications systems developers build next-generation high-capacity communications systems for access, metro and long haul networks that can manage growing volumes of traffic at a lower cost. By using custom and off-the-shelf integrated modules and subsystems, we provide greater functionality, a smaller footprint, and industry-leading speeds of up to 100Gbps and beyond.

As our solutions are built for speed and capacity, they can accommodate multiple communications standards to boost the life expectancy of our customers’ networks and slash total cost of ownership (TCO).  We are able combine up to 88 high-speed communications channels to a single fiber, far more capacity than is needed for most access networks today and manage speeds up to 100Gbps on each channel.

Enablence’s optical components and subsystems are part of just about every major network in the world.