Enablence High-Speed TOSA/ROSA Products to be used to Connect Base Stations of a Tier-1 Mobile Carrier

Enablence High-Speed TOSA/ROSA Products to be used to Connect Base Stations of a Tier-1 Mobile Carrier


Fremont, CA – March 6, 2014 – Enablence Technologies Inc. (“Enablence” or the “Company”) (TSXV: ENA), a leading supplier of optical components and subsystems for access, metro and long-haul markets, is rapidly expanding into the high speed optical transceiver market by supply of Transmit Optical Sub-Assembly (TOSA) and Receive Optical Sub-Assembly (ROSA) for C Form-factor Pluggable (CFP) optical modules.  Enablence is currently shipping TOSA and ROSA products in 8x10G and 10x10G configurations and is compliant with the MSA for CFP modules.  Enablence has recently received a TOSA ROSA order of nearly $1 million which is expected to be the first of several orders from one or more customers; expected to aggregate in total to multiple-million in revenue.  Enablence’s 8x10G/10x10G TOSA/ROSA devices will be used to make modules and line cards for connecting cell phone base stations of one of the largest mobile carriers.

The TOSA/ROSA products leverage Enablence’s proprietary low-loss silica-on-silicon planar lightwave circuit (PLC) technology and novel hybrid integration techniques to build Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC). These technologies result in compact high-performance components that can be scaled into commercial production.  Enablence plans to use the same technology platform to serve 400G applications, a market segment expected to grow significantly by 2021 according to Communication Industry Researchers, Inc.

Based on the same PIC technology, Enablence is focused on developing 4x10G and 4x25G TOSA/ROSA to serve the growing 40G and 100G data center markets.   The Company expects to have 4X10G in production during 2014.  These devices will be used in fabrication of QSFP+, CFP and CFP2 modules.  The data center communications market is expected to grow by ten times over the next two years according to a recent research report by Infonetics.

Enablence continues to supply Tier-1 and Tier-2 system vendors in Asia, North America and Europe with its traditional products including: high-channel count (up to 96) Mux, Demux and VMUX devices, multi-device integrated solutions such as 2-in-1 Mux/Demux with PD arrays, and small, agile multicast switch products from 4×4 to 8×16 configurations.  In the ROADM space, Enablence’s 8×8 and 8×16 multicast switch modules are being used by Tier-1 telecom systems suppliers for routing WDM signals. The multicast switch is a key element for next generation CDC ROADM (colorless, directionless, and contention-less reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer). It is fabricated using a mass-reproducible polymer PLC platform.

In non-telecom markets, Enablence is providing PIC based solutions for a variety of bio-medical and homeland security applications.  Offerings include PIC devices based on novel array waveguide grating (AWG), Mach-Zehnder Interferometer, sensor and visible wavelength PLC products.

Enablence’s key staff members have been industry leaders for over 25 years and were the first to commercialize critical products for the telecommunications industry such as the arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) devices, and have been leaders in hybrid integration for over 10 years.

About Enablence Technologies Inc.

Enablence Technologies Inc.,  (TSX: ENA-V) a publicly traded company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, designs, manufactures and sells optical components and subsystems to a global customer base. The company operates two platforms for production of integrated optical components: a silica PLC line, which is used for its PIC products, and a polymer PLC line which is used for wavelength routing, switch and VOA products.  Enablence is a global leader in applying Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) technology to integrate multiple components into a single optical chip to reduce footprint and costs. Enablence also has a joint-venture operation in China (Sunblence Technology, Co.) focusing on silica PLC based splitters for FTTH markets. Network and equipment designers around the world turn to Enablence for a variety of components and subsystems for access, metro and long-haul including TOSA/ROSA, transceivers, splitters, waveguides, optical channel monitors, multiplexers, ROADMs, multicast switches, and tunable dispersion compensators. The Company serves over 120 system and subsystem developers and its products have been integrated in all major communications networks worldwide, serving tens of millions of subscribers.


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