Enablence offers a range of transceivers and optical sub-assemblies (OSAs) for a variety of applications that take advantage of our proprietary Planar Lightwave Circuit technology (PLC) for increased channel count, reduced form factor and increased form factor high speed transceivers.

A transceiver is a combination transmitter and receiver in a single device. This is used to convert optical signals to electrical signals, and vice versa, allowing bi-directional optical communications in fiber optic networks.

Enablence transceivers combine our proprietary Planar Lightwave Circuit technology (PLC) with integrated photodetectors and high-performance laser diodes. With PLC, an optical product can be built using semiconductor equipment similar to that used to produce electronics chips. This passive integration, combined with high-volume manufacturing processes, results in improved manufacturability and smaller form factor for a more integrated, better functionality product.

OSAs include all the optical functionality of a transceiver, without the on-board electronics (e.g. laser drivers and limiting amplifiers). This allows designers to incorporate their own electronic designs.

While early transceiver solutions focused mainly on Fiber-to-the-Home applications, Enablence has expanded its focus to include custom OSAs and transceivers for a wide array of applications, including telecommunications, aerospace and defense, and test and measurement, supporting channel data rates from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps.

Learn more about how we can deliver or customize high-quality transceivers and OSAs that will meet or exceed your most stringent requirements.

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