Custom AWG

Custom AWG

Enablence designs, develops and fabricates a wide range of AWG products for both telecom and non-telecom applications. Many performance parameters can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements including center wavelength, channel spacing, filter shape and packaging.

Center wavelength: Enablence supports C, L and E-bands for optical communications and specialized requirements for aerospace and bio-chemical sensor industries. Custom products for visible wavelength applications are also available.

Filter shape: Standard telecom applications usually require either flat-top or Gaussian profiles, and are routinely supplied by Enablence. Custom solutions lying between pure flat-top or Gaussian can be designed by Enablence.

Channel spacing: Enablence supplies 100GHz and 50GHz routinely for DWDM and 4.5 nm for CWDM applications. On a custom basis, Enablence has supplied AWGs from 800 GHz to 12.5 GHz.

Packaging: For custom applications, Enablence can provide specialty fibers for non-standard wavelength and polarization maintaining fibers. Packaging may include automatic thermal controls to simplify module stabilization. Custom 19” rack mounted solutions with adapter interfaces are available and are primarily used to simplify fiber management for high channel count requirements.