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Enablence is a leading vendor of innovative integrated optical products for the telecommunications. Exploiting our unique ability to integrate lasers, detectors and ancillary electrical device onto silica PLC chips, our solutions enable the high speed, compact and low power consumption requirements for high speed networks of today and into the future. Here you’ll work with a diversified, energetic and friendly team for cutting edge technology and solve tough problems for its commercialization. You will be able to use your engineering experience to support the next generation of advanced communications products and systems. Today Enablence has 3 offices in Silicon Valley US, Ottawa Canada and Suzhou China. For more information, please visit www.enablence.com.

Current Open Positions:

VP of R&D ( Fremont, CA)

R & D Manager (Fremont, CA)

CFO \ Corporate Controller  (Fremont, CA or Ottawa, Canada)

Facility Manager  (Fremont, CA)

Optical Assembly Technician (Fremont, CA)

Optical Engineer (Fremont, CA)

Manufacture/Packaging Engineer (Fremont, CA)

Opto-Mechanical Engineer (Fremont, CA)

Supply Chain Engineer/Manager (Fremont, CA)

Chip Testing Technician (Fremont, CA)

Electronics Engineer (Fremont, CA or Ottawa, Canada)

Wafer Fab Process Engineer (Fremont, CA)

Optical Sub Assembly Testing Technician (Fremont, CA)

Software Engineer (Ottawa, Canada)