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Long Haul

A Future Where Distance Doesn’t Matter

As consumers and businesses demand more and more media-rich, high-bandwidth communications, long-haul networks are under growing pressure to keep up with the speed and capacity enhancements that are taking place in access and metro.

Today’s transport architecture must take a quantum leap forward to ensure it can provide the next-generation bandwidth consumers and business require for real-time and media-rich communication and collaboration.

Network operators need advanced solutions that will allow them to maximize the useful life of the “old” fiber in the ground and evolve their systems to meet the requirements of next-generation transport.

Enablence offers a wide range of building blocks in transmission, switching & routing, wavelength management and signal performance management that allow system designers to respond to this endless demand for more bandwidth and latency-free advanced communication services.

Learn more about how we can help you build a future-proof long-haul transport solution.

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OCMs Photodiodes

Where Light and Electricity Converge


The Evolution of Agility


Dispersion Mastered


Optical Power under Control


Fine-tuned Power Adjustment

Integrated Switches

Smaller is Better

Tunable Filter

Fine Tuning the Future Proof Network

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