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As consumers and businesses demand more and more media-rich, high-bandwidth communications with no latency, metro networks are facing a revolutionary change from 2.5G and 10G systems to 40G and 100G.

Service providers are looking for systems and components that will help them maximize the useful life of the “old” fiber in the ground using advanced multi-channel WDM technologies, modulation techniques and signal performance management that will provide them with multi-node functionality.

At Enablence, we are committed to providing a wide range of “future-proof” products that already work on 40G and 100G networks.

Starting with our flagship ROADM and integrated switching product lines, transceivers, to multiplexers, channel monitors and variable optical attenuators to manage multiple channels, we can tailor the solution you need.

Enablence’s product lines are based on our Telcordia qualified Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) platform. PLC significantly increases integration of various components and modules into subsystems, improving systems speed and functionality in a reduced footprint. This dramatic size reduction can help systems migrate from a shelf to a module or from modules to chips.

Learn more about how our PLC approach can provide you today with the network architecture of tomorrow.

See our Interactive Network Map

OCMs Photodiodes 

Where Light and Electricity Converge


The Evolution of Agility


Dispersion Mastered


Optical Power under Control


Fine-tuned Power Adjustment

Integrated Switches

Smaller is Better

Tunable Filter

Fine Tuning the Future Proof Network

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