Enablence Components

The Building Blocks of the Future Proof Network

Service providers around the world are under pressure to introduce new services, accommodate ever-increasing network traffic, and defeat last mile bandwidth limits in a manner that will allow them to increase revenue and improve margins. They need the flexibility and network capacity to become multi-service providers, able to quickly and economically roll out new bandwidth-intensive services such as HDTV, VoD, 3DTV and VoIP.

Enablence Technologies, Inc. help the world’s leading communications systems developers build next-generation high-speed, high-capacity communications systems for access, metro and long haul networks to manage traffic more effectively at a lower cost:

Using our cutting-edge, patented optical chip technologies, Enablence is able to combine many functions onto a smaller footprint. As a result, our components and subsystems enable users to significantly increase integration of various components and modules into subsystems, improving systems speed and functionality in a reduced footprint. This dramatic size reduction can help them migrate from a shelf to a module or from modules to chips. For complex components, such integration also results in reduced costs through improved manufacturability.